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Christmas gifts in 2023 in China?

Christmas gifts in 2023 in China? 🎁🇨🇳✨ While the economy is still slow this time around, many GenZs are nevertheless are celebrating year end. 👇 So, let’s unwrap what the hottest gifts are this year.

🎁 40% of Chinese women aged 18-59 from 10 key Chinese cities including Beijing and Shanghai intend to buy Christmas gifts for their love ones this year. They, meanwhile, prefer to receive jewellery, makeup, skincare, and fashion items, such as earrings and handbags, as reported by Insight Focus.

🎁 53% of surveyed men from the same demographic also plan to purchase gifts. As gifts for themselves, they favour digital gadgets, stylish accessories such as watches, and entertainment items like games and collector toys.

What are some other gift-giving trends?

✅ Personalised and custom gifts are on the rise in China, of course, with over 70% of Chinese consumers preferring them for a special touch, according to the Huajing Industrial Research Institute.

✅ Eco-friendliness is trending, too, with 80% of shoppers surveyed are choosing green(er) gifts that align with their values of sustainability, as per Huajing Industrial Research Institute data.