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How COVID-19 Changes the Habit and Mindset of Senior Executives in Greater China?

在新冠肺炎席卷全球的当下,Insight Focus与LinkedIn携手合作为保柏环球进行新冠肺炎对人们的生活和工作影响的市场研究,了解新冠疫情冲击后世界的新常态。此研究报告发布后得到了国内、国外无数的知名媒体的广泛报导。

While the pandemic is still affecting peoples’ life in most parts of the world, Insight Focus worked together with Linkedln to help our client Bupa Global conduct the latest research survey to study the impact of COVID-19 outbreak on our health and lifestyles. More than 1000 Mainland China and 500 Hong Kong senior executives across a wide range of industries were interviewed from May to July 2020.

The report highlights that over 95% of senior executives in Hong Kong and Mainland China have significant changes in attitudes towards their life and work habits since the pandemic began. While the situation remains volatile, mental wellbeing and health protection becomes a growing top-of-mind priority among the executives.

During the previous two weeks, online media briefing sessions were organized in Mainland China and Hong Kong with 28 media, and close to 200 audiences participated and over 86 media coverage within the first day of publication.

Source: Bupa’s Linkedln page

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